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As a machine manufacturer, you are faced with the challenge of ensuring efficient service for your products worldwide. With viCentrix, we offer you the perfect solution to save valuable time and reduce costs.

You want to concentrate on your core competencies when servicing is required and not lose valuable time obtaining up-to-date machine data. viCentrix makes it possible: all the important information about your globally distributed machines is always clearly arranged and up to date. Interact with your machines and take advantage of intelligent, automated support in all service areas - from maintenance to technical support.

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Explore what viCentrix can do for you

viCentrix not only provides you with all relevant information about your machines worldwide at a glance, but also gives you an arsenal of advanced tools to handle any situation efficiently and proactively. Find out how viCentrix is changing the way you interact with your machines:

Machine Insights

See immediately the health of your machine. Our intuitive interface provides a comprehensive overview of the current status of your systems so that you can intervene immediately if necessary.

Live pictures and videos

Fix problems faster with live pictures and videos of your machines. This feature allows for remote visual inspection and diagnosis, reducing the need for on-site visits

Audit trails with change history

Keep control and overview with a detailed change history, which is essential for auditing purposes and helps you to ensure the integrity of your machines and systems.

Detailed insights into the machine configuration

Understand down to the smallest detail what is behind your machine or system. From installed components and the current configuration to the software versions used - with viCentrix you have all the information you need at your fingertips.

Automated troubleshooting

Benefit from our automated troubleshooting, which helps you to solve common problems quickly and without manual effort.

These versatile modules make viCentrix an indispensable tool for any machine manufacturer who wants to increase their service efficiency and ensure customer satisfaction. With viCentrix, you have the technology to manage your machines smarter and take your service to the next level.

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Smart troubleshooting

Use our rule- and AI-based tools to quickly identify and analyze problems. Our advanced algorithms help you to efficiently localize the cause of problems.

Data exchange and software updates

Always keep your machines up to date. With viCentrix, you can exchange data and install software updates easily and securely.

Custom modules for individual requirements

In mechanical engineering, the requirements are as individual as the machines themselves. That's why viCentrix offers flexible expansion options with custom modules that are specially tailored to your needs. Whether by our team of experts or by your own in-house development team - together we ensure that viCentrix fits your requirements perfectly.

Operating System Insights

Get detailed information about your machines' operating system, including version, build number, installation date and time of last update.

Driver management

Get an overview of all installed drivers to ensure the perfect functioning of your systems.

Installed software

Stay up to date on all installed software applications, their versions and installation dates.

Hardware specifications

Get comprehensive information on the hardware specifications of your machines and track current performance data.

Configuration management

Monitor and manage the configurations of your machines to ensure perfect operating conditions.

Network monitoring

Capture detailed network data, including information on network adapters, their configuration and current network connections.

Manufacturer-specific applications

Access data from your specific programs that are essential to the operation of your systems.

Log files and protocols

Analyze error and event logs to identify and resolve problems at an early stage.

Screenshots and screen recordings

Use screenshots and screen recordings to visually capture and diagnose problems.

Diagnostic programs

Run special diagnostic programs to check and optimize the functionality of your machines.

Data exchange

Exchange data efficiently between your systems and viCentrix to always have up-to-date information available.

Software updates

Run software updates to keep your machines up to date.

Sensors and controllers

Monitor sensor values and controller data in real time to precisely monitor the status and performance of your machines.

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Online and Offline

Connectivity with your machines

We offer different solutions for communication with your machines, adapted to the specific needs of your machines and your market segment.

Online: Whether your machine has an industrial PC, uses an edge gateway or needs to be retrofitted, we ensure that the connection is secure and efficient. Data protection and security are our top priorities.

Offline: In areas where online communication is not possible, we offer alternatives so that you can still interact effectively with your machines. We rely on local data transmission and secure communication interfaces to meet the requirements of your company. Our aim is to connect your machines seamlessly and securely to viCentrix, regardless of their connectivity options.

Security and Integration

Security is no coincidence, but the result of well thought-out planning and implementation. Our system, viCentrix, embodies this principle through its "secure by design" architecture. We use advanced technologies to ensure a robust defense against cyber threats. These security measures are deeply embedded in the architecture of our system and provide protection at all levels, from data transmission to storage.

Flexibility in the hosting solution is another cornerstone of our system. viCentrix can either be hosted directly by us or, if you prefer, in your own Azure cloud. For those who prefer on-premise operation, we offer advice and support to discuss and implement the best possible solutions.

In addition, viCentrix is designed as a white label product to enable seamless integration with your existing products and solutions. We also offer individual connections to your systems, such as CRM, ERP, SharePoint and more. As our customer, you also gain insight into the viCentrix source code and have the opportunity to develop and customize your own modules. This openness and adaptability ensures that viCentrix can be optimally tailored to your specific needs and requirements in order to provide the best possible service and support for your machines worldwide.

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Flexible Solution

Plug & Play All-in-One solution

The viCentrix system offers you a flexible solution that is precisely tailored to your needs - lots can be done, nothing has to be. Our plug-and-play all-in-one solution allows you to get started quickly without having to choose between custom development and buying in solutions. You can opt for the complete system or just select individual components, depending on your individual requirements.

The core elements of our offering are an advanced software platform and efficient edge communication. If required, the appropriate edge devices can also be included in the package to ensure seamless integration

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Our FAQs

Why is viCentrix an Industry 5.0 application?

viCentrix is an Industry 5.0 application because it supports the creation of higher value jobs by enabling service employees to focus on value-adding activities. It offers personalized suggestions for solutions and draws attention to potential problems, thereby strengthening employees' core competencies. In addition, viCentrix enables flexibility in terms of work location, as all relevant information is available regardless of location, leading to a reduction in travel time and associated emissions.

In terms of sustainability, viCentrix supports active efforts for positive change by avoiding travel and offering the possibility of predictive maintenance, leading to a more efficient use of resources and a reduction of waste. Additionally, by integrating data analytics and artificial intelligence, viCentrix can help to further optimize processes and operations, minimizing energy consumption and material waste. In this way, viCentrix not only helps to improve working conditions, but also promotes a more sustainable and efficient industry.